Monday, April 14, 2008

Hard Candy (2005) R - 4 Stars

I must have a sick mind but I REALLY liked this movie. I think what made it so interesting for me to watch is you never expect what happens. A real role reversal from a teen age girl against an older man. Ellen Page is outstanding in her role.

Hayley Stark (Ellen Page) is 14 going on 30. She chats with Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson) on the Internet and the two decide to meet at a coffeehouse. Jeff is a photographer and invites Hayley home to snap her picture and for drinks knowing darn well she is underage. Hayley mixes them screwdrivers and then starts doing a sexy dance for him. Jeff is thinking he's in for the time of his life and yes that is true as Hayley has her own plans for the evening. I didn't care for the ending though.

Lions Gate Films
Director: David Slade
Writer: Brian Nelson
Producers: Carla Pagi, Michael Caldwell, David W. Higgins
I viewed 10/06

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