Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Low Life (1995) R - 2½ Stars

Everyone in this move has a "low life." Most looking to strike it rich, travel to Paris, or even buy friendship.

John (Rory Cochrane) a recent Yale graduate leaves Uncle's Darr's (Brent J. Williams) world behind and moves to Los Angeles. He moves in with pot smoking and jobless Craig (Channon Roe (II)). While at work Craig takes off on an adventure and arranges his cousin Andrew (Sean Astin) from Modesto to move in.

John and his two friends Chad (Ron Livingston) and Leonard (Christian Meoli) all work for a temp agency and their current job is processing carbon copied credit card slips. The job is tedious and doesn't pay much so they complain about it all day and bar slum at night for coffee, water and peanuts. Susie the waitress is constantly breaking up with her boyfriend and together they find comfort in each other. When John refuses to separate carbon for a living, he quits his job and goes to work for a father/son slumlord business. One of the tenants, Bevin (Kyra Sedgwick) comes by to pay the rent and John and her find a strange attraction.

Meanwhile on the home front, Andrew is a rock n' roller who drives John insane with his tiny painted Nazi soldiers. Andrew tries extremely hard to befriend John and his buddies. Chad and Leonard take complete advantage of him and don't treat him all that nicely. But when Uncle Darr dies and Andrew gets hit by a car, John has a "controlled breakdown" and learns quickly what's important in his life.

Cabin Fever Entertainment Inc
Director: George Hickenlooper
Writers: George Hickenlooper, John Enbom
Producers: Donald Zuckerman, George Hickenlooper, Tobin Heminway
I viewed 4/08

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