Friday, April 18, 2008

Magma: Volcanic Disaster (2006) PG13 - 2½ Stars

Okay I have to confess, I am a lava freak. Something about hot red oozing magma I think is a real turn on. Therefore you will eventually see a few volcano movies on this site you may never have heard of. For me if the lava looks look, it will be exciting for me. So even a bad lava movie can be a good movie for me.

While the special effects of the movie were better than a lot of other volcano movies, it wasn't great or real realistic looking. The plot is pretty predictable. (Amy Jo Johnson) seems to be the only person that believes a volcano expert Peter Shepard's (Xander Berkeley) prediction that all the volcanoes around the world are about to erupt. Can he get people to believe in his theory before it's to late?

Sony Pictures
Director: Ian Gilmour
I viewed 7/07

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