Thursday, April 10, 2008

Over the Hedge (2006) PG - 4 Stars

A cute animated story about forest creatures who awaken from their hibernating state to find they are trapped into tighter quarters by a hedge separating them from the humans. While they forage for food, they find that beyond the hedge where the humans live, lies a bounty of goodies and they'll never go hungry again.

Verne the Turtle (Garry Shandling) is the logical one that doesn't think it's wise to deal with humans. RJ the brave raccoon (Bruce Willis) travels beyond the hedge to find that food is so very plentiful. RJ convinces the gang that they need not worry about stocking up food and should just enjoy rest and play. Stella the Skunk (Wanda Sykes), Hammy the Squirrel (Steve Carrel), Heather the Opossum (Avril Lavigne), and Heather's father, Ozzie (William Shatner), cautiously join RJ in his quest. But once over the fence, there are all sorts of dangers starting with the Verminator (Thomas Haden Church). The gang has to decide if this easy access for food, is worth the risk.

2006 - Over the Hedge - Kansas City Film Critics Association - Best Animated Feature

20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures (UIP)
Directors: Karey Kirkpatrick, Tim Johnson
Writers: Lorne Cameron, Len Blum, Karey Kirkpatrick
Producer: Bonnie Arnold
I viewed 10/06

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Anonymous said...

I'm adult with grown kids, but I loved this movie and watched it several times. I seem to catch something new with each viewing. This is a great movie for all ages!