Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ratatouille (2007) G - 4 Stars

A very cute fun film for the whole family. And even though I don't have children or grand children, I found the movie quit enjoyable even for an old fart like me.

Remy, (Patton Oswalt) a small city rat, with dreams of making it as a big time French chef. Unlike the rest of his family and friends, Remy prefers dinning on the finer foods that have great taste to them.

He's been reading an Anyone Can Cook Book, and has discovered many secret ingredients that aid in the flavor of food. Remy finds his way into the sewers of Paris, below chef Auguste Gusteau (Brad Garrett) restaurant. As Remy makes his way into the restaurant, a young chef Linguini (Lou Romano) is ordered to take him outside and dispose of him. Linguini can't do it and together they become friends and co-chefs of the restaurant. All of a sudden Linguini can cook and prepares award winning dishes that saves restaurant from closing and returns it it's number one status.

Awards include:
2007 - Ratatouille - American Film Institute - Best Picture.
2007 - Ratatouille - Austin Film Critics - Best Animated Feature.
2007 - Ratatouille - Boston Society of Film Critics - Best Screenplay.
2007 - Ratatouille - Chicago Film Critics Association - Best Animated Feature.

Buena Vista Pictures
Directors: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava
Writer: Brad Bird
Producer: Brad Lewis
I viewed 11/07


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