Sunday, April 20, 2008

Right at Your Door (2005) R - 2½ Stars

Brad (Rory Cochrane) and Lexi (Mary McCormack) are a married couple living right out of downtown Los Angeles. Lexi leaves for work one day when a dirty bomb is set off right in the middle of downtown. The media reports that a toxic cloud of smoke and ash has covered the L.A. basin and all citizens are advised to stay indoors and seal their homes.

Alvaro (Tony Perez) is Brad's neighbor and the two decide to join forces and huddle together to find safety. They begin to seal off the doors and windows to not allow any ash to filter in. The reports keep telling the men to stay out of contact with anyone from outside because they are probably infected.

Lexi finally makes it home to find she can not enter her home. Though she pleads with Brad to let her in, Brad will not budge. Alvaro finally can not stand watching and leaves the house to take his chances in his own home. Brad finally allows Lexi to enter the back room but still is separated from Brad between sheets of plastic.

While Lexi goes through a series of emotional traumas, help finally arrives and their house must be tented to stop the growth of a deadly mold. Brad soon learns that help is the last thing he needed.

2006 - Right at Your Door - Sundance Film Festival - Excellence in Cinematography - Dramatic Competition

Lions Gate Films
Director: Chris Gorak
Writer: Chris Gorak
Producers: Palmer West, Jonah Smith
I viewed 1/08

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