Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunshine (2007) R - 3½ Stars

The sun is dying and when it dims fizzling out, all life on earth as we know it will be lost. But there's a plan. Fly to the sun - nuke it and whaaa laaa - re-ignit the star. This is one of the better fly to the sun Sci-Fi movies. The graphics are pretty good, there is a plot,the acting is not all that bad but the movies starts out with a bang and when the boom is suppose to happen at the end, the movie sort of fizzles out.

A crew of eight astronauts are put together and sent on possibly earth's last mission as time is running out. The sun is starting to dim as it's dying. The teams mission is to fly to the sun and release a nuclear device that will re-ignite it from within. The crew consists of Corazon (Michelle Yeoh), Capa (Cillian Murphy), Mace (Chris Evans), Cassie (Rose Byrne), Searle (Cliff Curtis), Kameda (Hiroyuki Sanada), Harvey (Troy Garity), Trey (Benedict Wong).

The space ship is complete with many extra comforts and a lavious oxygen garden. All is going as planned until they loose contact with earth. An accident and than a fatal mistake are not what the crew needs now.

When they pick up a distress signal from a spaceship missing for seven years, the crew must decide to follow the distress sign to rescue or salvage parts needed to repair their ship, which takes them off course.

20th Century Fox International, Fox Searchlight Pictures
Director: Danny Boyle
Writer: Alex Garland
Producer: Andrew Macdonald
I viewed 1/08

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