Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Alice Found (2003) R - 3 Stars

Alice (Emily Grace) comes from a small town in New Hampshire. She yearns for something more and with cash in hand but no real game plan sets out on her way to Florida. She loves dolphins and hopes someday she can study and become a marine biologist. When she has some trouble with a few encounters along her way, she seeks shelter at a rest stop. Sandra (Judith Ivey) and Bill (Bill Raymond) are also at the rest stop and they tell Alice they saw someone punctured the tire of her car.

Sandra and Bill tell Alice to follow them in case there are any more problems with her car. When the car does break down on the road, the couple offer to take Alice to the bus station. She abandons her car and hesitantly accepts the couples hospitality. It seems they are becoming quit friendly and they tell Alice she can help pay for gas in exchange for a ride to Florida. Alice doesn't have large amounts of money so what she can save helps. The three set off for Florida but at a slow pace. The couple treats Alice really well buying her things and as they visit most of the truck stops along the way, Alice soon learns how the couple is making all their money.

Castle Hill Productions
Director: A. Dean Bell
Writer: A. Dean Bell
Producer: Richard Connors
I viewed 8/07

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